DeFi Arts Intelligencer - Feb. 22nd, 2020

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♦️♦️ DeFi News

  • MakerDAO, the reigning DeFi champs, saw its community approve a 24-hour delay on governance actions. The move will help protect against bad actors interested in conducting a rapid blitz against the Maker protocol.

  • KNC, the native crypto of the Kyber Network token liquidity aggregator project, arrives on Coinbase Pro on Feb. 24th. That suggests a listing could be nigh.

  • Debit card deposits on the mainstream-minded DeFi platform Dharma are now fee-less. That means average users can now easily deposit money into the Dai Savings Rate (DSR) in minutes at no cost.

  • The Synthetix project added ETH as collateral.

  • What might a DeFi financial crisis look like? DeFi Pulse has offered an excellent summary of an Imperial College London paper exploring the subject.

  • A tokenized advertising deal has occurred: the project paid 100 Dai to run a promotion for the pool on

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